The Word For 2022

The Lord gave me a word for 2022, and let me begin this post by sharing how I received this word from Him.

I usually set aside a season of fasting and prayer right around the beginning of each New Year, to set my heart for the coming year. This year it started right after Christmas. I was on day six of a water fast when suddenly I received download from above.

When I started into the fasting prayer retreat, I was extremely stuck. I couldn’t see how I could possibly move forward any longer. But here’s the thing about fasting and prayer—it’s a gift from God to help bring fresh release, momentum, and clarity.

I recommend that every disciple of Jesus schedule a ten-day water fast into their calendar every year. Why water only? Because one of the main purposes of fasting is to increase the intensity of our pursuit after Jesus. Why would we want to do that and then do things that take the edge off that intensity? So I recommend water only, or as close to that as your health will allow.
And I recommend ten days. Why ten? Because when you’re on a water fast, you don’t get past the breakwater until around day six or seven. The first four or five days of a water fast are pretty tough—especially day two—while your body is adapting. For the first five days you keep asking yourself, “Why am I doing this?” Around day six or seven you get past the barrier reef into smooth sailing and go, “Ah! This is why I’m doing this!”

Many Christians have never done a water fast long enough to experience the sweet spiritual momentum that comes right around day six or seven. And once you break out into those breezy waters, why quit then? Enjoy the flow for three more days! So that’s why I’m advocating ten days.

Let me pick my story back up. It was day six of my fast this time around, which happened to fall on New Year’s Eve, and when I awoke early in the morning, download began to tumble. It seemed to come clearly to me: The word for 2022 is in Two Timothy 2:22.

I like how God sometimes lines up numbers. He’s a Poet, and when He gives you something like “Two Timothy 2:22 in 2022,” you know He’s smiling over the poetry.
Here’s the word for 2022: “Pursue faith” (Two Timothy 2:22).

There’s no better time, than during a global pandemic of anxiety, to pursue faith.

Jesus is speaking directly to your heart, “Only believe” (Mark 5:36). When you have hold of faith, that’s all you need. Faith needs no additives, add-ons, hamburger helper, props, or supplements. Faith has got it, all by itself. Only believe.

Don’t be satisfied merely with the levels of faith that fall into your lap. If you want to touch mountain-moving faith, you’re going to have to pursue it. We’re not simply open to receiving more faith; we’re chasing it down.

What are some ways we can pursue faith? Prayerfully consider starting with these seven ways:

1. Draw closer to Jesus because He’s the source of all faith (1 Tim 1:14).
2. Immerse yourself in the word of God (Rom 10:17; John 15:7), especially the Gospels.
3. Be filled with the Holy Spirit (Acts 6:5; Acts 10:38).
4. Use the gift of fasting and prayer (Matt 17:21).
5. Glean from the biographies of faith heroes such as Smith Wigglesworth and others (Heb 13:7).
6. Exercise the faith you have because He gives more to those who use what they have (Mark 4:24),
7. Pursue faith with other believers (2 Tim 2:22). Take this word to your discipleship group.

This is the word of the Lord to me personally for 2022, but perhaps it’s for someone else out there too: Pursue faith!