Have you wondered what God’s saying to us through coronavirus? In this teaching, Bob Sorge presents the book of Habakkuk as an interpretative lens to help us discover answers. If the message of Habakkuk interests, you can go deeper in related themes with Bob’s seminal book, The Chastening Of The Lord:…


This book this film is based on celebrates God’s goodness to chasten. It will help you make sense of inexplicable trials, strengthen your resolve to endure, and reveal how chastening can qualify us for a higher entrustment in the kingdom. By the time the story’s written, you’ll be healed and trained for greater service.

Bob’s book on this important topic is available here:

Director, Editor, Sound Designer – Joel Sorge
Teaching – Bob Sorge
Original Music – Caleb Culver
Director of Photography – Chris Commons
Assistant Camera Operator – Lydia Anderson
Vocal Mixing – Zane Callister


The praise and rejection of man, while opposites, are equally deadly if not responded to properly. This new film is based on Bob Sorge’s book, “Dealing with the Rejection and Praise of Man” and explores how we should guard our hearts as we navigate the choppy waters between praise and rejection. To learn more about the book this film was based on, click on the above link.

Directed and Animated by Joel Sorge
Music by Caleb Culver

Two years after my debilitating vocal injury, I found myself in the darkest place of my life, groping for answers and reaching desperately to touch the hem of Jesus’ garment. It was there, in my darkest hour, that the Lord gave me a sign of His nearness and favor that I will never forget.

Film by Joel Sorge
Music by JoJo Riddering


I was a senior pastor and worship leader in upstate NY when I suddenly suffered a life-changing vocal injury in 1992 that left my voice completely depleted of strength.  I am able to whisper for about an hour each day before the pain prevents me from speaking.  This short film tells m y story and proclaims that the Lord is merciful in our lives even in the midst of suffering and trials.  If this video’s message impacts you, check out Pain, Perplexity and Promotion in the store.  This book further expounds on the themes in this short film.

Film created by Joel Sorge
Music by Pas Neos


If you are impacted by the message in this short film, you may want to check out my book that this film is based off of, “It’s Not Business, It’s Personal”.  You can find it through the store linked in the menu above, or click here.

Film created by Joel Sorge
Music by Bob Powers and JoJo Riddering
Special thanks to Redeemer Fellowship in Kansas City for opening their sanctuary for filming.


Envy is the pain we feel over another’s success. I call envy “the most common problem that nobody has” because, while we don’t think we have a problem with it, we know lots of people who do. It has the potential, single-handedly, to quench the flow of God’s blessings in our lives and hinder the unity of the body of Christ.

To gain greater understanding in how to overcome the beast of envy, take a look at the book upon which this short film is based: ENVY, The Enemy Within

Film created by Joel Sorge
Music by Pas Neos


Based on Bob’s own experience with Job 31:1, this message extends an invitation to actually make a covenant vow before God with our eyes. This message excavates the master key to consecration from the ancient spirituality of the book of Job and illuminates its relevance to us today. The content of this message, which is meant for both men and women, teens and adults, is handled with great care and discernment. As a result, you cn feel safe recommending this sermon (and the book it’s based on) to teens and adults alike.  Click here to order A Covenant with My Eyes.

Sermon by Bob Sorge
Music by Pas Neos


When winds of adversity blow against you, put up a sail in the Spirit, just like a sailboat. A sailboat harnesses the power of contrary winds in order to drive into the very winds that are contrary to its path. If you’re in a storm, this message is for you.


This message surveys the life of one of the most central figures in salvation history—Jacob. When you see how God honored Jacob’s perseverance and vow, you will once again place all your faith and confidence in the God of Jacob.


In an age when ministry success is often measured by church growth statistics and name recognition, Jesus is calling us to once again return to the simplicity of serving Him because it’s personal for us, too.